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The Journey to Self-Love…..

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As we are constantly bombarded with “perfect” images of what we’re supposed to look like…. from the media, magazines, the internet…..even friends and family,  sometimes they try to make it difficult to look at yourself as anything but the box that you’re put into. To be able to consistently see, feel, touch, and know the greatness inside ourselves takes practice. Because a lot of times, the things we’re told about how we look & feel about ourselves runs deep…..sometimes all the way from childhood.  But with consistent practice, this idea can be transformed in 3 easy steps……

The first step would be to separate yourself from toxic comments and thoughts of others. This may go as far as completely separating them from your life. The people you may have grown up with or been in a relationship or friendship with for a long time may only be able to see you one way….as the image they have in their minds of you…..and nothing else. Only when they’re evolved to the point of expanding their mind can they be able to see the beauty and strength that lies inside you, and help bring it out of you, instead of trying to constantly tear you down . Since we are ALWAYS changing, growing, and evolving, those kind of people are poison to the mind and will leave you stagnant. The more you listen….the more you get sick. There will be a constant battle between learning to love yourself and to try to prove to others that you do. If you have to try to prove that to anyone, then you might as well look at it as a second job…

The second step is to begin to surround yourself with positive,  energizing people and images. Do your friends, family and relationships help bring out the best in you?….or the stress in you? Who or what do you look up to for inspiration? Do you read any uplifting books ? Do you take time to notice the little things we tend to take for granted in life? Such as: the wind brushing up against your face, hearing the birds as the sing in the trees, noticing the beauty of the night sky as the stars shine in the vastness of our universe. What kinds of things are you saying to and about yourself out loud and mentally? Our mind & bodies are like big “tape recorders”…..always listening, even to our own voice. And it will believe whatever we say to it. Always say nothing but loving and positive things to and about yourself….

Starting with the first time you get up in the morning…..yup, I said it! Look yourself in the mirror, this might be uncomfortable in the beginning and you even may giggle, lol! But the journey to self-love always starts with YOU! In the mirror, start by saying sweet things to yourself like “You are so beautiful!” or “Look at you…..you sexy beast!” Say it…and mean it!  Get bold, get creative! It might feel very weird at first, but when you begin to see the beauty in yourself FIRST, others will too. It begins to draw people to you like a magnet! Try this for at least 21 days non-stop and notice the difference…. 🙂

Photo: THE HEART: A multi-chambered, muscular organ with pipes(arteries), crisscrossed with electrical circuitry, that pumps at a constant rhythm to carry oxygen and nutrients within the blood throughout th entire body. This rhythmic pumping also ...creates a magnetic field at the heart center that encases the entire body. My Question is: What is the connection between or is there a connection at all, between the literal heart and the figurative heart? between the physical heart and the mystical heart? FORUM IS OPEN: <3 Good Afternoon and Namaste <3

The third and final step is to begin to do something healthy and beneficial for your mind and body. For the mind, meditation is a great place to start. Even if you have “monkey-brain” like I do and your brain just won’t shut the hell up, it is possible. Instead of just closing your eyes and forcing your brain to be quiet, because believe me, your brain WILL start to fight back by by giving you all kinds of images out of nowhere and making you think of the most craziest things like “Did I pay that phone bill?” or “I can’t believe what so-and-so said to me the other day!” Then you begin to think of comeback lines you should have said to that person, then you’ll start to regret not saying those things to them in the first place and…….there you go……you brain won, and you lost. See what I’m talking about?

Start by closing your eyes &  focusing on the breath, notice HOW you are breathing at first…without changing anything. Then begin to notice little things like the coolness of the air as you inhale, the coolness of the air in the back of the throat, then equally notice the now warm air as it flows through the back of the throat and out the nostrils, deepen the inhale and exhale, breathing to the lower belly first then carrying it up to the upper chest….then slowly exhale.

See…the goal isn’t to totally quiet the mind, but to keep the brain occupied with something else….in this case, the breath. If your starting out, first try it for 5 mins., then 10, 15, and so forth. And before you know it, the time will pass you by and you will feel so much better, calmer, and more centered.

For the body, exercise is the natural “feel good” remedy! It increases endorphins in the mind & body and helps us to feel and sleep better. Something simple as taking a walk around the block will make you feel the difference almost immediately!

So, the journey to self-love may indeed feel like a long, winding road, but the the feeling of finally being able to reach your destination of Peace, Love & Joy, to go from seeing yourself as a plain piece of coal to a diamond, shining brightly from the inside out is priceless….makes it  oh so worth it ! ❤ 🙂


Author: holisticgoddess369

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Life coach & Holistic Nutritionist. I'm a Spiritual Gangster who's Love, Passion & Destiny in this Life is to help others reach theirs! :) On the constant journey of Self discovery, there's NEVER a dull moment!

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