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Aloha Festival on the “Island” of Tempe, Arizona

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I went to the Aloha Festival a couple of weeks ago and had a BLAST! I try to go every year when they have it around March when the weather starts to warm up down here, usually in the high 70’s to mid 80’s.  Being in the atmosphere: the delicious smells of various Polynesian cuisine prepared by the vendors, the sounds of drum beats from the music, and the beauty of the dancers representing cultures from many islands of the South Pacific always fills my soul and brings a smile to my face 😀 !

Me at Tempe Town Lake which is next to the festival. You can take boat rides out here and enjoy the wonderful scenery:

Polynesian performers:

So if you’re ever in the Phoenix area around the beginning of March, come come and stop by to experience the richness of this beautiful event! All entertainment is FREE, the only thing you pay for is food and if you want to purchase clothes, jewelry, & keepsakes from many of the vendors. You won’t leave disappointed! 😀



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