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Hooray, it’s SPRING!!!

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Spring is right around the corner, and with it comes the exciting and sometimes terrifying task of spring cleaning. Simplifying your life is an important piece of the wellness puzzle, so it’s natural to want to dive headfirst into the challenge. If you’re putting together your spring cleaning plan of attack, consider bumping these three often-overlooked areas to the top of the list, and you’ll find the rest becomes a whole lot easier.

1.  Online

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop in our everyday life, but in our internet life as well.  Cleaning out your online “space” can help you feel more organized and relaxed — particularly if you spend a lot of time online. If your email inbox looks anything like mine, you probably have a lot of unnecessary clutter, old letters, even junk mail. Take the time to clear the inbox, and don’t forget to unsubscribe to regular updates you no longer want. Apply the same principles to your social media. Is your Facebook news feed feeling a little crowded these days? Maybe it’s time for a friends list purge! Is your Pinterest account stressing you out? Reorganize those boards and toss a couple of dormant ones. Your brain will thank you.


2. Workout regimen

Spring is symbolic for new beginnings, a new start. Do you want to start a gym membership? Or feel more comfortable working out at home? Whatever exercise fitness routine you choose, always start out slow and remember to take rest days in between. I know how it is when you haven’t worked out in awhile and when you start, the feeling is so good that you sometimes feel as though you can do it 7 days a week….slow is always best. Your body actually recovers and builds more from rest days, so take advantage of it, smile….and have fun!


3. Start a morning “Mind & Body” routine



Drink a glass of water before breakfast.

The benefits of proper hydration are invaluable. Get some water into your system early to keep your energy up, and jump start your digestive system.

Wake up early enough to get ready without rushing.

Give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes in the morning to slow down your routine and provide a buffer for emergencies. The extra time can prevent arriving at work already stressed out.


Begin a short 5-10 min. meditation sequence. Meditations works wonders for our brain and a fantastic way to start mornings with a calm and centered being. Set a positive intention for yourself and perhaps write it down on a piece of paper or sticky note and take a look at it throughout your day as a reminder.

Do one thing that makes you happy before breakfast.

Listen to music, look at pictures of puppies online, or watch a cartoon. Do one thing that makes you smile, then go tackle your day a little happier and healthier! 😀


Author: holisticgoddess369

I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher & Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Life coach & Holistic Nutritionist. I'm a Spiritual Gangster who's Love, Passion & Destiny in this Life is to help others reach theirs! :) On the constant journey of Self discovery, there's NEVER a dull moment!

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